Radio Moscow’s album The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz (Available Now!)
and posted in Radio Moscow News

CD + LP Bundle






Collectors Edition (ONLY 10 REMAINING!)

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  1. croson says:

    hey parker, just ordered the album, can’t wait to hear what you guys have been up to. you should send me an email (ncroson[at]gmail) when the next iowa show comes around as i’m no longer using the facebooks. -nate

  2. monny says:

    Hey Parker,your new record is great. When will you visit us in germany, especially in cologne. Your fans are waiting, we all are “hungry as a wolf”.
    Since 4 years I´m a fan of the first hour.Please answer
    monny (thomas)

  3. Fery says:

    Not really all that funny, and raehtr mean for no reason. It’s even worse that it’s an old joke. And it’s not like you’ve got any place commenting about people’s looks, you’re not exactly a super model either.

  4. Bonny Esker says:

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