Radio Moscow’s previously unreleased debut album, “3 & 3 Quarters”, recorded in 2003.

Radio Moscow’s previously unreleased debut album. Recorded entirely by Parker Griggs (he plays all the instruments) when he was only 17-18, this is garage music reminiscent of the Nuggets and Pebbles compilations, with a dash of Killed By Death dropped into the mix

Out this week through Alive Naturalsound Records and everywhere else April 17th, Radio Moscow‘s previously unreleased debut album, “3 & 3 Quarters”, recorded back in 2003. For a taste of what Parker’s 18 year old garage rock brain was cook’n, check out the song above!

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  1. Dom says:

    “On one day notice, bassist Billy Ellsworth and drummer Lonnie Blanton joined Parker Griggs in the rebirth of Radio Moscow.”

    and they put on a great show that night – still impressed they were able to play anything without ever playing together before.

    waitin’ for ya in Chicago…

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  3. Raag says:

    When you guys coming to London next to kick some ass?

  4. Clarinda says:

    please keep posting those great articles, your readers thank you so much for that, as we can always learn something new from your articles.

  5. Nick Godren says:

    The names beech, Jake beech, so went out last night got mashed with harry- royal that is. banterLAD

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  7. Klepa says:

    I’m glad you guys decided to put this out. This is gold, Griggs rocks

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