Radio Moscow’s Parker Griggs to play a solo show

Parker Griggs is playing a show tomorrow with Sweden´s Horisont in San Sebastian, Spain at MOGAMBO::Trintxerpe//Donostia. Playing one man stripped down versions of such moscow songs like Timebomb, The Stranger, Black Boot, Densaflorativa and maybe a few Peter Green covers!

Horisont is an amazing 70´s style hard rock band and this is only the second solo gig for Griggs ever ….. so don´t miss this rad show if you´re in Spain! Tickets 8 euros, Show at 21:30.

Last Rancho Rehearsal

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  1. jahir says:

    wish i lived in spain!!! P.G. covers?! what the fuck?! thats what the fuck im talking about!!!GRIGGS IS GOD!!!

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