Recorded Live in Bayport, MN


Out November 27, 2012

Featuring live versions of our songs “HOLD ON ME” and “LITTLE EYES” plus many other great alive artists that played this years Deep Blues Festival!

Alive at the Deep Blues Fest

Alive at the Deep Blues Fest Back Cover

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    10289 716647dude this just inspired a post of my own, thanks 871437

  2. Along with the new name came new bass player Serana Andersen. This line-up lasted for a few years without a drummer. Around this time the band started evolving and a whole new sound was created. Still garage-y but now channeled through the blues with experimental breakdowns, unpredictable tempo changes, crazy rave-ups and fuzzed out psychedelic guitar work. For shows parker would pre-record the drums on a 4-track and then blasts it through amplification. Serana and Parker moved to Colorado in the quest for a drummer and a new scene.

  3. Since 2007, Radio Moscow have toured many regions of the world, with a number of live drummers including Keith Rich, Todd Stevens and Paul Marrone.

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