Get ready Europe: Radio Moscow!

European 2013 winter tour dates so far!

Gonna be an awesome tour with our buddy Paul Marrone back on drums — with a brand new “Rancho Tehama Airport” single ready just in time. Also, bringing an awesome liquid light show from Mad Alchemy!

28/01/13 Bordeaux, France @ Rocher De Palmer w/The Datsuns
30/01/13 Porto, Portugal @ the Hard Club
31/01/13 Madrid, Spain @ La Boite
01/02/13 Bilbao, Spain @ kafe antzokia
02/02/13 Barcelona, Spain @ Apolo 2
03/02/13 TBA
04/02/13 TBA
05/02/13 TBA
07/02/13 Montpellier, France @ TAF/Secret Place
08/02/13 Angouleme, France @ La Nef
09/02/13 Sainte-Brieuc, France @ La Citrouille
10/02/13 Le Havre, France @ Mac Daid’s
11/02/13 TBA
12/02/13 Arlon, Belgium @ L’Entrpot
13/02/13 Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Merejin
14/02/13 Charleroi, Belgium @ Le Vecteur
15/02/13 Leeuwarden, Netherlands @ Podium Asteriks
16/02/13 Deventer, Netherlands @ Burgerweeshuis
17/02/13 Lille, France @ La Boite a Musique
19/02/13 Paris, France @ Nouveau Casino
20/02/13 Lyon, France TBA
21/02/13 Geneve, Switzerland @ L’Usine
22/02/13 Lucerne, Switzerland @ Freibhum
23/02/13 Antwerpen, Belgium @ Trix
24/02/13 TBA
25/02/13 TBA
26/02/13 TBA
27/02/13 Savona, Italy @ Reins Club
28/02/13 Rome, Italy @ INIT
01/03/13 Bologna, Italy @ Covo Club
02/03/13 TBA
04/03/13 TBA Turkey
05/03/13 TBA Turkey
06/03/13 TBA Turkey
07/03/13 TBA Turkey
08/03/13 TBA Greece
09/03/13 TBA Greece

7 Comments so far:

  1. denisz says:

    Why no Russia?

  2. Steve says:

    Please please please come to London!!

  3. EJ Burns says:

    Completly blown away by you guys’ sound man. Been waiting for a band with a sound and such power like yours for a long time, its almost like the kids who got to hear Clapton for the first time in the 60s. Thanks for the music man reply if possible

  4. Isaac Williamson says:

    8 TBAs left. ….Come on UK!!!

  5. Janocko says:

    Hey guys!

    It’s the second time you missed Poland. U are afraid of something, or what? Believe me, onece you’ll get here, you’ll redefine your gig’ attitude.

  6. Ilias P says:

    great show at patra,greece guys…i met radio moscow 2 months ago,and its the best stuff i ve heard the last 10 years….!!!!keep rocking……hope see u soon again in greece

  7. Gry kulki says:

    Poland is still waiting :(

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