Radio Moscow’s new single, “Rancho Tehama Airport”
Brand new single — “Rancho Tehama Airport” — now up for your listening pleasure!
Thanks so much for the love and support throughout 2012 …… quite a crazy year for Radio Moscow!¬†Should be a busy 2013 with this new single to be released on Volcom late January.
Plenty of tours in Europe / USA already in works. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and make new along the way.
Also we will hopefully we will release a new, full-length studio album coming very soon too!
-Radio Moscow

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  1. Cliff Burns says:

    I know there have been lots of references to the “retro” sound of Radio Moscow, their antecedents in groups like Zep and Cream but, good God, what impresses most is the sheer musicianship of these three lads from mittel-America. What are they puttin’ in the Corn Flakes out there in Iowa? The group is TIGHT, tight as any rock trio in recent memory (including Jimi Hendrix Experience and, yes, Cream).

    Radio Moscow is, I admit, a recent discovery–but I loved them from the first chord I heard. I note that they’re touring overseas at the moment but I sure hope they come my way sometime soon. I’d walk through a prairie blizzard, just to see them…

  2. suba suba says:

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